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    SUN YEH brand comes from Taiwan of China, which has been engaged in manufacturing and sales of control valves since 1986. It already has more than 30 years of practical experience. At first, we are just an agent in the mainland, but after years , our company--- Tsingtao Sun Yeh Control Valve Group Co.,Ltd. was established, with 13,000 square meters manufacturing area in the High-tech Zone of Tsingtao, in 2014. And the Control Valves, Self-operated Pressure Relief Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves and Ball Valves, especially Ceramic Ball Valves are our main products. What’s more, All of our products have passed the ISO9001 Qualification, obtained TS Certificate, Measurement Certificate and SIL Certificate etc. Besides, our factory is equipped with automatic processing system, professional testing system, simulation system of valve working condition and professional selection software.


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